The combined patient and provider populations of CDN's member Health Centers represent an enormous opportunity for a practice-based research network (PBRN) of primary care clinicians. CDN's Research Programs include:

HIV/AIDS Program

Stress Management and Relaxation Training/Expressive Support Therapies for Women with AIDS (I); with HIV/AIDS (II); Translation (III); (SMART/EST I & II— NIMH); (SMART/EST III — CDC)

- HIV Tailored Information Provider Services (HIV TIPS) (HRSA)

- Study-Link (Ryan White CARE Title I/MHRA)

- Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA) (NIAID)

- Community-Based Clinical Trials Network (CBCTN) (AmFAR)

- Prisoner Linkage Project (DIFFA/OASAS)

- AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) (HRSA)

- Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials (Roche/DuPont/Merck)


Cancer Prevention & Control Program

An RCT to Increase Colon Cancer Screening in Medicaid Man-aged Care (NCI)

- Enhancing Family Caregivers’ Strengths and Skills in Managing Older Cancer Patients’ Symptoms (NCI)

- Increasing Referrals for Cancer Clinical Trials (ENACCT, NJ DOHSS)

- Prevention Care Manager Translation Project (NCI)

- Primary Care Colon Cancer Screening Consortium (NCI)

- New York Prevention Care Manager Project (PCM) (NCI)

- Community Health Centers/Cancer Control Project (NCI)

- Improving Education & Access to Breast Cancer Clinical Trials (Susan G. Komen Foundation)

- PAP Test Compact Disk Interactive Technology Training (AHCPR/NLM)


Cardiovascular Disease Program

Multi-site RCT for Blood Pressure Control in Hypertensive Afri-can Americans (NHLBI)

- Medication Adherence in Poorly Controlled Hypertensives (NHLBI)

- Assessment of Bleeding Symptoms in Normal Individuals Us-ing a Comprehensive Bleeding History Phenotyping Instrument (NCRR)

Conditioned Placebo Effects & Treatment of Hypertension (NHLBI)

- Racism, Coping & Ambulatory Blood Pressure (NHLBI)

- Obesity, Impaired Glucose Tolerance & Diabetes Project (DHHS)

- Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT) (NHLBI)

- Women’s Initiative to Save Hearts (WISH) Cardiac Rehabilita-tion with Lenox Hill Hospital Women's Heart Program (Langeloth Foundation)

- Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP) Project (BPHC)

- Migraine Clinical Trial (Merck)

- EPI 101 Syndromic Surveillance Monitoring Training (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

- Health Disparities Collaboratives (HDC) Evaluation (CDC/HRSA)

INVEST Clinical Trial (AG Knoll Pharmaceuticals)


Pediatrics, Immunization and Infectious Diseases Program

Integrating Prenatal Care to Reduce HIV/STDs Among Teens: A Translational Study (NIMH)

- Mothers and Daughters: Feasibility of Promoting Maternal Pap testing during a Child Visit for HPV Vaccine (New York City De-partment of Health & Mental Hygiene)

- Environmental and Clinical Interventions to Improve Asthma Outcomes (EPA, HRSA, NJDEP)

- Genetics Education and Needs Evaluation (GENE) Project (March of Dimes/HRSA)

- Evaluating the “CDC/BPHC Together for Tots Immunization Initiative” (DHHS Regional Health Administrator)

- Together for Tots Immunization Initiative (CDC/BPHC)

- Adolescent & Adult Immunization Quality Improvement Project (CDC/BPHC)

- Immunization for Homeless Adults (CDC)

- Child Behavioral Study (with ASPN) (NIMH)

- Linezolid in Community-Acquired Pneumonia (Pharmacia and Upjohn)


Oral Health Program

Periodontal Therapy: Effects on Glycemic Control in Community Health Centers Pilot Study (NIDCR)

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Dental Sealants (AHCPR/BPHC)

- Oral Cavity Cancer Early Detection (NCI)

- Dental Quality Assurance Training (W.K. Kellogg Foundation)


Behavioral Medicine & Mental Health Program

Violence and Stress Assessment (VISTA I & II) (RAND/NIMH)

- Improving the Detection & Management of Depression, Sub-stance Abuse, and Alcoholism in Primary Care (NIDA/SAMHSA)

- Stress Management and Relaxation Training/Expressive Sup-port Therapies for Women with AIDS (I); with HIV/AIDS (II); Translation (III); (SMART/EST I & II-NIMH); (SMART/EST III- CDC)

- A Pilot Assessment of Voluntary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Screening in Primary Care (TEENSCREEN) (Columbia University and DHHS)


Nutrition, Physical Activity & Behavior Program

Promoting Smoking Cessation in NYC Community Health Cen-ters (NYS Department of Health)

- Physical Activity Counseling & Underserved Populations (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

- Promotion of Multi-Vitamin Supplementation Among Low-income, Disadvantaged Patients & Their Health Care Providers (Antitrust Litigation Settlement Administered by the NYS Attor-ney General)


Complementary/Alternative Therapies Program

Acupuncture for HIV-Associated Peripheral Neuropathy (NIAID-CPCRA)

- Oral Vitamin C in HIV/AIDS Patients (NIAID-DATRI/CPCRA)

- Homeopathic Treatment for Pediatric Acute Diarrhea (Homeopathic Community Council)


Clinical Informatics Program

eTools Project (DHHS Regional Health Administrator)

- Primary Care Information (eClinician) Project (New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene)

ePrescribing Pilot Project (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

- Regional Training Center & Courses in Clinical Informatics (HRSA/HIV/AIDs Bureau, AmFAR, Kresge) 

CDN Publications

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